07 June 2013

The College of Engineering IT group (CAEN) has a weekly (mostly) lunch gathering called SuperHappyDevLunch (SHDL), which could equally be called MellowNerdsNattering.

I wanted to know what everyone did for their music listening these days, so I asked.

All of the Options

These are the options used by the SHDL members, sorted by me by reasonability and premium cost.

Option Reasonability Cost Premium Cost
Pandora high $0 $35/year
last.fm high $0 $36/year
Spotify high $0 $120/year
Songza high $0 $0
iTunes Match high    
Grooveshark high    
SiriusXM web stream high    
sky.fm / di.fm high    
Amazon's streaming thing medium    
USB drive medium    
broadcast FM radio low    
carefully chosen fillings low    
crappy Xfinity Music channels low    

Notes on some of the options


  • 7/11 in the room use it
  • phone, Roku, TiVo, computer
  • channels, not tracks
  • doesn't make you post crap to Facebook
  • iPhone app
  • audio ads unless you pay the nominal fee, you cheap bastard


  • 2/11 in the room use it
  • phone, computer
  • curated (by music experts) playlists
  • iPhone app
  • no audio ads


  • with some effort you don't have to post everything to Facebook
  • computer, phone for premium
  • tracks and playlists
  • internet available playlists
  • free on computer, 30 day premium trial, phone is not free
  • banner and audio ads on computer


  • not actively used by many people here (1ish/11)
  • you can SCROBBLE!!!
    • Rokus, Spotify, Pandora, and others can send listening habit data to last.fm, which last.fm can then use to suggest concerts, rat you out to the NSA, suggest stations, and make you new BFFs nearby
  • has stations similar to Pandora, based on artist, song, etc.
  • computer and phone
  • tags
  • graphics ads, no audio ads