02 August 2013

Leonardo da Vinci said ``Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.''. I must be incredibly sophisticated.

Traditional Food and Wine Pairing


According to Amazon, there are 1,328 books that are classifies as being about food and wine pairing. That is not simplicity.



At Wine Folly is a really nice looking poster about food and wine pairing. It's great art, but it's not simple. prints-wine-and-food-pairing.jpg


Traditionally, one could rely on the red with meat, white with fish and foul rule, which is pretty simple, but not yet sophisticated.

The Problem

This much complexity leads to suffering. And I'm here to help end this suffering.

Sophisticated Food and Wine Pairing

New rule

whatever food you like + whatever wine you have = perfect food and wine pairing

If that isn't clear, I have a diagram for you:


Sometimes, the food is optional.